Bischofite Poltava

Poltava Bishofit is a natural crystalline polymineral of the Permian period. Due to the large depth of occurrence, it was reliably protected for 250 million years by the natural barrier against the penetration of toxins and harmful impurities. In the world, Bishofit is also known as Dead Sea Salt, but with a cleaner and richer composition.

      Due to the chemical formula (MgCl2 • 6H2O), it is easily dissolved in water, becoming a clear liquid, oily consistency, has no odor, yellowish.

      The main component of bischofite is magnesium chloride (95-96%). Bishofit also contains calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, calcium bicarbonate, sodium chloride (with a total mineral content of 400-450 g / l), sodium, iodine, iron, bromide, silicon dioxide, molybdenum, titanium, lithium, as well as traces of almost all chemical elements of the periodic table.

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