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‘Smells’ are an direct route into our hearts and minds. In humans the olfactory bulbs are located in the limbic system of the brain, which is found in close proximity with the amygdala and hippocampus. Both regions are largely responsible for emotion and memory. This gives scents the power to trigger very fast reactions.

Smells allow us to form abstract associations between ourselves and our homes or the places we visit. They send an instant signal when we enter a new house or when we come home.

A beautiful aspect of scent is that it allows us to change or refresh how our home smells. In the same way as a redecorated home or a new accent cushion can change the perception of a room, a new fragrance can be inviting, invigorating or comforting. Perfume has the power to change the perception of your home.

The product range includes: scented candles, fragrance reed diffusers, reed diffuser refill oils, natural incense sticks, aromatherapy kits and more.

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