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Ginkgo Biloba Leg Balm Cream, Elixir

Balm cream with Ginkgo biloba extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibiting the formation of products that accompany inflammation, reduces the permeability of capillaries stimulating microcirculation.

Extract of Ginkgo biloba is a source of flavonol glycosides that prevent thrombosis, increase the blood supply to the tissues of hands and feet, and also strengthen the walls of vessels. The bioflavonoid rutin stimulates building of the tissues of blood vessels and protects the walls of vessels. Due to the double effect, rutin plays a decisive role in maintenance of elasticity and strength of vessels and facilitates the improvement of blood circulation.


  • increases the elasticity and strength of walls of blood vessels and capillaries preventing their fragility;
  • has vasodilating effect;
  • renders a considerable anti-edema effect;
  • improves circulation of blood in an organism, prevents thrombosis.

Volume: 75 ml