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Natural Laundry Soap 72% 

200 g

The laundry soap is a natural product, it is absolutely harmless for health, has antibacterial properties, and it doesn’t dry skin on hands. It is well put on clothes and is economical in use. It can be applied for washing tableware and for other sanitary-hygienic purposes. It has a specific soap smell; fragrances can be added to the laundry soap on the customer’s request (aroma of needles, lemon, etc.)

According to GOST 30266-95, laundry soap 72% is soap grade which contains 72% of fatty acids.It is the first class soap by the criterion of fat content. The more is the content of fatty acids in soap the better it will cope with dirt and germs.Soap contains a large amount of alkali: 0,15-0,20 %. Hydrogen indicator — pH 11-12.

Doesn’t contain chemical additives. This type of soap is suitable for manual washing of clothes, it is a good cleaner, spotremover, and it deletes strong smells from clothes.

Made in Ukraine

Soap’s eco friendliness

It is well known that the laundry soap – is one of the universal household cleaning products. The area of application is very wide: from washing things in the cold and warm water, cleaning of medical institutions to washing dishes, hands and hair.

Due to the high alkaline balance ph 11-12, there is a rapid removal of contaminants from any surface, and germicidal soap properties helps fight inflammation and remove germs.

Yet another important thing – it is not harm your the skin!

Hypoallergenic properties: the use of soap does not cause allergies, even for children.

In folk medicine, the laundry soap is popular because of its antibacterial properties and natural composition. Namely, in the cases related to the prevention of wounds infection, suppurations, relieve swelling, abscesses, at bruises, burns and acne treatment – just lubricate the skin with. Laundry soap can clean even teeth.

By the percentage of added fatty acids is divided into 3 categories:

– I category – not less than 70.5% up to 72%

– II category – 69%

– III category – 64%.

And of course – the laundry soap eco-friendly product as it does not harm the environment!

But it sometimes gets lost in the supermarket because not have a remarkable appearance with bright packaging and any advertising campaigns unlike all kinds of washing, cleaning things with high content of chemicals.

Few of us noticed that there no composition or descriptions shown on laundry soap, only the percentage of fat, because it is generally known and accepted. By this way can only sell the safest and most environmentally friendly products.

Watching one and the same look in the store, sometimes the choice is made automatically based on any new facility, such us bright packaging and usually with chemical components. But how much the use of such detergent is safe for our health, and so taking into account a large level of chemistry around? Unknown.