Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Contents of the regulations:

I. General provisions

II. Submittal of orders

III. Delivery and payments

IV. Complaints, guarantee and returns

V. Personal data protection

VI. Final provisions

I. General provisions

1. The Store operates at the following website address: http://www.biokord.com

2. Online store system requirements: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher, Chrome 8 or higher, Opera 10.6 or higher, Safari 4 or higher. Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768. Regardless of the web browser type, it is required to activate cookies as well as to enable JavaScript. Additionally the Adobe Flash Player 10 (or higher) is required. To be downloaded from: http://get.adobe.com/pl/flashplayer/

4. Orders may be submitted by natural and legal persons, called hereafter „Clients”.

5. The Store reserves the right to modify the prices of the Goods, as well as to offer new and withdraw the previously presented Goods, but such modifications will not apply to any orders accepted in accordance with the provisions indicated in Chapter II of the Regulations.

6. All the Goods are new. They will be free of physical and legal defects.

7. The Store may conduct promotional actions and sales in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the Store.

II. Submittal of orders.

1. Orders for the Goods may be submitted through the webpage www.biokord.com or e-mail https://biokord.com/contact

2. The procedure of realisation of submitted orders commences the first working day after their submittal. The term of realisation of orders varies between 1 and 2 working days.

3. For the orders to be considered, an order form must be filled out properly and completely. The Client must follow the instructions and provide their data, the address and contact information, the data indicating the Goods to be ordered, as well as indicate the mode of delivery and the mode of payment.

4. Before an order has been finally accepted through the command „PLACE THE ORDER”, the Client may abort the process of ordering.

5. An order which requires clarification or additional data needed for its processing will be verified by the Store staff through the indicated web address or by phone. Orders which cannot be verified may be cancelled, of which the Client will be informed, provided they have submitted the required data.

6. In exceptional cases availability of the Goods in the Store does not imply a possibility of realisation of orders. Due to the storehouse transfer orders related to the continuous sale of the Goods, orders are considered to have been accepted the moment the Store sends a confirmation of realisation of the order, indicating the order identification number. This is when a contract for sale of Goods is deemed to have been concluded.

7. In case there is no stock of Goods in the storehouse, the Client is informed of the consequent postponement of realisation of the order. If the Client does not approve of such postponement of realisation of the order, they may cancel the whole order or remove the item which causes the postponement.

8. The Store offers Clients such additional functions as: edition of own profile, address data updates, access to the order history, dispatch tracking, commercial information on the Goods through a newsletter. The access to these functions requires an additional register in the „REGULAR CLIENTS” data base. Using the „NEWSLETTER” command the Client may order commercial information on the Goods, which will be sent to the indicated e-mail address. Additional registration implies consent for processing of the Client’s personal data within the indicated range. The Client may renounce the access to the additional functions of the Store anytime.   

9. Any inquiries regarding terms and conditions of sale and customer service as well as the status of realisation of the orders should be submitted to the e-mail addres: info.biodar@gmail.com;  The Store will provide an immediate answer.

III. Delivery and payments

1. At the Client’s discretion, the Goods will be supplied through: Polish Post Office Joint Stock Company or the courier company named DPD Polska Ltd.

2. The cost of delivery, depending on the selected mode and place of delivery will be calculated automatically and indicated in the given order before it is finally accepted.

3. Clients are obliged to thoroughly revise the received Goods, so as to verify whether the Goods have not been damaged in transport. If any defects or shortages are detected, an appropriate protocol must be made to describe the irregularities and sent to the Store.

5. Payments for the Goods may be realised  in the following manners:

- bank transfer to the following Store bank account: 05 1910 1048 2667 3433 9291 0001 at DEUTSCHE Bank

- transfer through the PayU electronic payment system, which operates at the following web address: http://www.payu.pl/

- transfer through the PayPal electronic payment system, which operates at the following web address:  http://www.paypal.com


1) Clients must not combine distinct modes of payment for a single order.

2) Clients who have selected a bank transfer or a transfer through the PayU or PayPal electronic payment systems are obliged to pay for the submitted orders within seven working days, counting from the day the order is confirmed by the Store. It is possible to prolong the term of payment, provided it has been expressly agreed with the Store.

3) Payments may be realised as a transfer through the PayU or PayPal electronic payment systems exclusively by those who are authorised to use the given instrument in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between the Client and the operator of the given electronic payment system. Once either of the two offered electronic payment systems has been selected, the Store will immediately redirect the Client to the web site of the operator of the given electronic payment system in order to conclude the payment procedure.

4) The safety of the transactions is ensured and guaranteed by PayU S.A., i.e. the operator of the PayU system, and PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., i.e. the operator of the PayPal system.

IV. Returns

Clients who are natural persons purchasing the Goods for purposes which are not related to professional or commercial activities (called hereafter „Client-Consumers”) are entitled to withdraw from the sale contract without specifying any reason, sending a corresponding written notice along with the Goods, within ten days from the moment the Goods are received.

1) The right to withdraw from the contract does not apply to audio and video materials and the data recorded on data carriers, once the Client-Consumer has removed the original packaging.

2) The Goods must be returned to the seat of Biodar at the Client’s expense, which will not be reimbursed. „Collect on delivery” shipments will not be accepted.

3) The returned Goods must be complete and unaltered, preferably in the original, undamaged manufacturer’s packaging.

4) The Client-Consumer is obliged to properly protect the Goods to be returned, in order to prevent their damage.

5) The Client-Consumer must send a proof of purchase of the Goods along with the Goods and the aforementioned notice.

6) The reimbursement for the returned Goods will be transferred within 14 days from the moment the Goods are received. The withdrawal notice provided by the Client-Consumer must indicate a bank account number to enable the transfer of the reimbursement. The cost of another form of reimbursement will be charged in whole to the Client-Consumer.

7) The Store, if so requested by the Client-Consumer, will confirm the reimbursement in an e-mail message sent to the address indicated to the Store by the Client.

VI. Final provisions

1. The contents of the Regulations may be downloaded, copied and saved for the purposes related to submittal, realisation and settlement of orders. Submittal of an order in the Store implies acceptance of the Regulations.

2. During submittal, realisation and settlement of orders Clients must not provide unlawful information.  

3. Any trade names, specimens and trade marks of the Goods are used for identification and may be protected by applicable legal provisions for the benefit of Biodar or other owners.

4. Biodar will not be held responsible if using the Store is impossible or hindered due to the following factors:

1) temporary suspension of the ICT system by Biodar due to technical requirements, such as: maintenance, equipment or software replacement, or a necessity to realise other modifications as regards the operation of the Store,

2) operation of the servers, e-mail accounts and software used by Clients,

3) other causes beyond the control of Biocord

5. Store reserves the right to modify the contents of the Regulations, and the contents of the amended Regulations will be published a few days in advance. Orders are realised and settled in accordance with the contents of the Regulations which are binding at the moment they are submitted.