Aroma Diffusers, Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are devices for evaporating of volatile aromatic liquids for flavoring of various sizes rooms without heating it contain.

Where it is used?

Comfort at home, office or salon cannot be imagined not only without quality and beautifultextiles, comfortable and practical furniture, but also without a pleasant aroma, which sets thedesired atmosphere of peace or, on the contrary, cheerfulness and activity. Reed diffusers are intended to create these interior fragrances. Stylish design of the bottle will additionallydecorate your interior.

How does reed diffuser work?

Essential oils blends evaporate from bottle with a help of reed (bamboo, rattan) sticks, inside of which are relatively large receptacles. These receptacles absorb and transfer aromatic liquid through reed stick with one end inserted into a jar. And aromatic blend is spreading from the outside end of stick. Thus intensity  of evaporating can be regulated by the number of sticks simultaneously inserted into bottle with aromatic blend (more sticks, the more intensive evaporation).

 What are benefits of reed diffusers?

If compare with other ways of flavoring indoor reed diffusers favorably differ, since no there is no required any special conditions such as heating; the evaporation takes place at room temperature. In this case the essential oils are not destroyed by high temperatures, preserving its natural structure. Reed diffuser transforms essential oil in micro parts that are spreading for a long time in the air, refreshing it with natural aroma and destroying harmful microorganisms.

The lack of an open fire and need to use heating devices makes reed diffusers convenient and safe device for flavoring both small and very large rooms. In addition, reed aromatic diffusers are targeted at prolonged action (several weeks).

Light airy aroma that fills all the space at any time of year, day and night, will help to forget everyday problems and relax completely. The aroma of essential oils and favorite perfumes will create harmony and will add comfort in the room, bathroom, cabinet, office and lounge. 

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